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Welcome the Sophisticated Mood Ring

The trendy 70’s mood ring has an updated new look!

You might remember the mood ring as a trendy accessory in the 90’s. Or if you’re even older, you can reminisce about the mood ring of the 70’s when it was a big deal for a ring to change color! I remember the 70’s version and was tickled to death when my uncle sent one for my birthday. I oohed and aahed and marveled as it changed color according to temperature. Black meant you were pretty chilly and mauve signified you were warm. Now, Millennial mood rings are updated and are considered the newest wellness trend item!

What makes them different than the earlier versions of yesteryear? Brooklyn jewelry designer Leo Sachs-Michaels’ jewelry line, Leo Black, features a gorgeous liquid crystal cabochon set. This set is available in yellow rose or recycled gold. Most mood rings of the past were a few hundred dollars at the most. At $1,150, this newer version definitely has a heftier price tag.

The allure of this ring is partly based in nostalgia. Sachs-Michaels said, “There are many pieces I wish I had held on to and could wear, but they haven’t aged well. I wanted women to have access to playful jewelry that they could connect with on a gut level.”

The 2017 version still shows your body’s temperature like the older models did. And the color spectrum it shows is ROYGBIV that stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Cooler body temperatures turn the stone black or brown. Warmer temperatures turn colors toward the red end of the color spectrum. And a neutral, resting body temperature will reveal blue and green tones in the stone. This ring should be used to be aware of the energetic shifts in your body and the feelings you may get when wearing it.

Sachs-Michaels believes her ring also has a bigger purpose. She said, “It’s the universal friendship ring among women—that should make us all feel more connected and empowered!”

Perhaps this ring is also a way of connecting to the past when merely watching a ring change color was an instant uplift to your day!



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