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Would You Wear a Colored Wedding Dress On Your Big Day?

Wedding dresses aren’t just white anymore?!

It’s your big day! And some say it is the happiest day of your life. A day when friends and family gather together to celebrate the new life you will create with your chosen partner. It is a day to celebrate love, family and the future. For centuries, the preferred color for wedding dresses in America and most of Europe has always been white. And although there have been variations in this color such as antique white, eggshell, cream, and off-white, the color has remained true. But times are changing in the U.S now too, and wedding dresses are available in red, blue, pink, purple, and other bright colors! But would YOU wear a pink dress for your wedding?

Traditionally, a wedding dress is white to symbolize a bride’s purity. Today however, you might be hard pressed to find a bride that is actually still “pure” on her wedding day!  So perhaps sticking to tradition is not necessary. And certainly, it is more common for a bride who is getting married for a second time to not wear white. If we are no longer ascribing to tradition, it opens up an entirely different way of approaching the color of a wedding dress.

When Jessica Biel got married to Justin Timberlake, she wore the most beautiful light pink wedding dress! She looked every bit the fairy tale princess in a dress that was feminine and flirty!

jessica biel

British celebrity Jodie Marsh chose a daring red wedding dress. Red in Chinese culture is the symbol of good luck and has been a popular choice lately for colored wedding dresses!

jodie marsh

One of the most stunning colored wedding dresses was on actress Diana Agron who wore a sequined beige chiffon gown by Valentino!

diana aragon

Shenae Grimes wore a decadent black wedding dress with red rose bouquet for her marriage to Indie folk singer Josh Beech!

diana aragon

Actress Amber Tamblyn was barefoot in a bright yellow dress when she married David Cross!

amber tamblyn

After seeing these gorgeous wedding gowns, what do you think? Would YOU wear a colored wedding dress on your big day?



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