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WATCH: Why This 50-Year-Old Supermodel Loves Being Called ‘Handsome’

Why does this supermodel consider herself and other women to be handsome?

Jenny Shimizu. The name says it all. This model and actress had a tremendous impact on me while growing up. I first saw her in Calvin Klein ads and in the pages of Vogue. She was in a layout taken in the West. This layout had a cowboy theme and Jenny was wearing a dark, long wig with bangs and a cowboy hat. Her makeup was minimal because she really didn’t need anything.  Her full lips were pouty and her almond-shaped eyes stared directly into the lens.  I was mesmerized. Why? Because she was one of the first Asian American models I had seen in the magazine. And to make matters even more spectacular, she was of Japanese descent.

Later I found out that she was in a relationship with Angelina Jolie and even Madonna!  I would watch her in the trades as she was riding a motorcycle in a white wife beater t-shirt, short, cropped hair and aviator sunglasses. She was such a sight to behold!

Being an Asian American myself, I was so delighted to see her. After all, this was a time when there weren’t too many Asian models.  In fact, there weren’t even many Asian people in the entertainment industry on the whole in the U.S.  I remember Connie Chung who delivered the news each night. But Connie wasn’t nearly as glamorous or as striking as Jenny was.

Today, there are more Asians in the media. But Jenny still stands out. Now, she is 50 and looking as unique and gorgeous as ever. There is not a single line on her face.  She is smart, opinionated, and open about the fact she is gay.

So, come with us as we listen to why she loves being called “handsome” and a lot of other opinions that she has on life as one of the pioneers in both the world of modeling and the LBGT community!


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