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WATCH: This Yoga Instructor Wants More Visibility for All Body Sizes

Yoga isn’t just for skinny girls!

Dana Falsetti wants people to know that just about anyone can benefit from doing yoga. Iff you have believed that yoga was just for people that are skinny, fit, or in shape, think again. She is a yoga fan that is not your typical size zero fitness instructor, but she represents a large group of people who are working on getting in shape and staying fit no matter what size they are. After all, we are all not born a size two, slender, with a petite frame. For everyone else out there, doing yoga is a great way to learn focus, destress mentally, and stay physically in shape!

No matter what size and shape you are, yoga is really about you. The focus is on you alone, not on everyone else or what everyone else might be thinking about you. You are not in competition with anyone else when doing yoga, and you do yoga to get more in touch with yourself and your own feelings, both mentally and physically.

So, come with us as we take a look at a yoga instructor who wants more visibility for all body sizes. She wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of yoga, no matter what size and shape you may be. She wants you to enjoy it freely without shame or embarrassment from the way your body looks or the way you might appear while doing yoga.  She knows that some people might be dissuaded from even trying for fear of what others may say about them; Dana wants people to let that fear go and embrace the art of yoga for themselves!

We think you’ll really get a lot out of this video regardless of your body size!


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