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WATCH: The 6 Most Iconic Teen Shows Through the Years

What makes a teen show iconic?

Growing up, we all had our favorite shows that we watched on television. Some of them involved the daily lives of teenagers. Some of the teens were normal, everyday kids leading pretty normal lives. Some were supernatural and lived lives that didn’t in any way resemble ours. And even with the so called “normal” kids, they dealt with issues and situations that we could all identify with.

This is why these shows became so iconic.  We related to the characters and the situations they were placed in.  After all, your teenage years can be challenging and confusing at times. This might be the first time you fall in love (or at least puppy love), submit to peer pressure, and experience the desire to fit in.  You might be awkward. You might not be a part of the “in” crowd. And all of these situations are usually dealt with in teen shows.

Even after you graduate from your teenage years, you still continued to watch these shows.  You did so partly out of familiarity and also because as you grew up and began to deal with new issues such as finding work, your career, and getting into a stable relationship, as did the characters on your favorite show!

Let’s take a look at the six most iconic teen shows throughout the years. Did these shows help to form your teenage years? Did you run home after school each week to watch them?  Come on, we’re certain you probably watched some of these shows religiously! We know we did and still love them on reruns today!  You might be married now with teenagers of your own, or still a teenager yourself, but these iconic teen shows will always be in our hearts!


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