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WATCH: People React to Vintage Sex Toys

OMG! You just have to watch people react to old sex toys!

Perceptions on human sexuality have changed throughout the years. In the Victorian Age, sex was something no one talked about. In fact, they didn’t even allude to it. Society doyennes would literally faint at the sight of piano legs that were left uncovered or legs on a chair that were bare. Women’s fashion revealed nothing. Everyone was completely covered up, even if it was extremely hot outside. Why? They didn’t want to titillate the opposite sex. Having sex while you were married was considered a “woman’s duty” and a good woman was not supposed to show that she enjoyed the act at all. Indeed, sex education was not taught and one wondered how the species continued to exist during this time? Also, how odd must it have been for a bride on her wedding day to be told of something she didn’t even know existed the day before?

Other societies in ancient times revered human sexuality and it was not seen as something to be shunned. Paintings on urns in ancient Greece and Rome illustrate men and women in coitus and sex acts were often done in public. Also, it was common for men to engage in homosexual relationships during this time. True love was considered to be the relationship a man had with a young boy.

Whatever the perceptions on sex were at a given time, there is one thing that holds true. People were sexual creatures. Whether they chose to admit this or not is another thing all together. So in the Victorian Age, it might come as a surprise that there were sex toys at all!

Come with us as we take a look at some early sex toys dating back as early as the 1920s! Clearly, the women and men who used these ancient vibrators enjoyed them!


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