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WATCH: New York Fashion Week Had the Most Plus-Size Models Ever

NYFW 2017 shows that plus-sized models are no longer a rarity at fashion week!

New York Fashion Week 2017 showcased a different type of model this year more than in previous years past.  What made her different? She was plus-sized!

NYFW 2017 had the most plus-sized models this year than ever before, and this was met with accolades and praise. Why? The fashion industry is finally acknowledging the fact that not all women are rail thin. In an industry that has previously praised only the excessively thin model, they are now opening their eyes to the plus-sized demographic.

Indeed, this makes sense from a consumer point of view. The average size for a woman in the US is a size 16.  Let that sink in for a moment. You heard right…a size 16. So the size 0-2 runway model is a far cry from the actual woman in America today. The purchasing power is in the hands of the masses, not the minority.

The fashion world is beginning to realize that although clothes may indeed look amazing on taller, thinner bodies, these bodies do not represent who is actually purchasing them. Fashion will always love super skinny bodies that look like mere coat hangers for expensive clothes to drape across. And don’t look for this to change anytime soon; the skinny model is still the norm. However, in addition to thin models, a curvier, fuller and more rounded shape ruled the runway in 2017!  Congratulations to the plus-sized model. Long may she reign!

So, come with us as we take a look at the plus-sized models at NYFW 2017!  Whether you like her or prefer a thinner supermodel, the plus-sized model sure dominated NYFW in 2017!


Are Plus Size Models Here to Stay?

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