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WATCH: 9 TV Shows Starring Women of Color

Here are nine shows on television featuring women of color!

Hollywood has long had the reputation of not hiring people of color. And this has been since its incarnation over a century ago.  During the silent film era, African American actors were seen, but in mainly stereotypical roles. Indeed, this was germane to the times.  They were often cast as butlers, maids, and servants. Even more stereotypically cast was the Native American actor who was often seen in “cowboy vs. Indian” roles. Asian-American roles were laundry shop owners, workers on the railroad, and subservient women. And all of these roles were rare.  It was difficult for actors of color to work, period. When they did, quite often they were bullied by their own racial group for promoting racial stereotypes.

Today, things are beginning to change. Firstly, roles are thankfully not as stereotyped.  Women of color don’t necessarily gain roles because they are a certain color. In fact, many roles are open to all races to audition. This means that just because an actress is Asian, it doesn’t mean she will audition just for roles looking for an Asian person. She will have the opportunity to audition because all races can audition for a role like a doctor, lawyer, or court reporter. Hopefully, this trend will continue and all actresses will have a greater opportunity to work.  After all, less than 2% of all roles out there today feature Native American women.  And I believe that is not enough, don’t you?

Let’s take a look at nine television shows starring women of color.  It’s about time, and hopefully Hollywood will continue this trend of diversity! After all, the world in which we live is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic; let television programming also reflect this!


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