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WATCH: 9 Hollywood Couples Who Fell in Love On Set

Who are nine famous Hollywood couples who met on set and fell madly in love?

It is the old Hollywood cliché — on-screen lovers who fall in love in real life. Well, clichés exist for a reason, and falling in love on set happens all of the time. Sometimes it is a quick romance, a mere fling on set that lasts only the duration of shooting. And other times it is a romance that will last for a lifetime.

Why do actors and actresses fall in love on set so much? A lot has to do with the fact you are seeing your co-workers often. While most of us have 8-hour, nine-to-five jobs, being on set can mean you are there a minimum of 12 hours a day, 5 days a week.  You end up spending more time with your co-workers than you do with your real family! As a result, both cast and crew bond quickly.  This is also due in part because you are working under such pressure to make a television show or film in a short period of time. This creates an environment where everyone works together towards a common goal.

People who are not romantically involved are sometimes acting like they are in love because their characters are. If the proper chemistry is there, true love can blossom.

Whatever the case, on set love happens. And couples are formed when they might not have even been looking for love at the time. So, come with us as we take a look at nine Hollywood couples that fell in love on the set. Some have been together for literally decades, have had children that are now grown and they are still together! This proves that, contrary to popular belief, there really is such a thing as a long-lasting Hollywood marriage!


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