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WATCH: 9 Famous Kids Who Ruled the Runway at New York Fashion Week 2017

Which celebrity spawn graced the catwalk at NYFW 2017?

Fame is an interesting thing.  After a person attains a certain level of fame, it now appears that it can be transferrable to their children, too. And no more was this apparent than at New York Fashion Week 2017! That’s right, celebrity spawn from several well-known stars graced the runway this year!

Although they come from famous families, they ruled the runway on their own! It was obvious that these kids benefited from good genetics and breeding because they owned the catwalk!  n a way, it makes perfect sense. After all, if your mom was a world-renown supermodel, you might also become one. As a child, you might be viewed as a mini-me version of your famous parent. However, you can see all of the hard work these kids put into NYFW 2017.  We believe they will soon attain superstar status on their own.

Of course, having a famous mom or dad might help to open doors for them. But after that, the work is entirely up to them. One might even respect their hard labor and efforts even more.  Why? They are already rich and famous by default. And yet they are choosing to work hard at a chosen profession.  So good for them as they probably don’t have to “work” for a living if they didn’t want to.

So, come with us as we take a look at nine famous kids who ruled the runway at New York Fashion Week 2017!  This is a great group of kids that have success written all over them. Whether or not they have had help from their parents, they are working hard to accomplish their dreams. Congratulations to all!


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