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WATCH: 7 of Aaliyah’s Most Iconic Beauty Looks

What were some of this pop princess’s best beauty looks?

When Aaliyah unexpectedly passed away in August of 2001 in a plane crash, the world mourned a bright talent that had just begun to realize her full potential. She was not only a singer, but also a model and actress and had just finished her role of Queen Akasha in the film, “Queen of the Damned”. She had also previously starred with Jet Li in “Romeo Must Die”. This was her first film and put her on the road to stardom. She was being viewed as a leading lady who was able to hold a big budget feature film on her own. And she was even scheduled to star in “Honey”, “Some Kind of Blue”, a sequel of “The Matrix”, and “Sparkle” before her death.  Indeed, she was on her way to superstardom. After her passing, her third album, “Aaliyah”, hit number 1 on the Billboard 200.

Although Aaliyah was taken all too soon, she left a lasting impression on us when it came to her striking beauty. Indeed, no one looked like her. With jet black hair, large brown eyes, and a smile that lit up a room, Aaliyah was one in a million.  Her fashion and beauty sensibility was copied the world over and young women loved to emulate her youthful, yet sophisticated, look. Her beauty seemed effortless and she stood out of the crowd no matter where she went. Whether she was simply relaxing with her friends or dazzling us all on the red carpet, she always had the look of feminine beauty and grace.

Let’s take a look at seven of Aaliyah’s most iconic beauty looks. They still hold up today and you will be reminded of just how beautiful and memorable she really was.


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