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WATCH: 100 Years of Movie Makeup

A look back at 100 years of glorious movie makeup magic!

It is difficult to believe that movies have been around for more than a century. Viewing film throughout the years is like peering into a time capsule. Through movies, we can see history unfold before our eyes, and this includes taking a look at makeup and its influence on our history, culture, and moviemaking!

From the early years of black and white film to today’s hi-definition, makeup has been ever changing with the decades. Makeup styles can be seen deftly defined with the passing of time. What was considered popular in the 1920s, might be considered extreme today. With each decade came movie stars that defined a particular look.

Who can forget Clara Bow and her bee stung lips or Marilyn Monroe’s high gloss, sultry pout? Makeup has clearly defined film and also created trends that women have followed each year. Who remembers when Uma Thurman wore dark brown lipstick and deep purple nail polish in “Pulp Fiction”? It caused such an uproar that Chanel’s “Vamp” nail color was sold out!

Indeed, makeup has the ability to create magic. It helps to convey a mood, tone, and character for the actor. It also helps the audience understand the time period. And as always, makeup helps us to create the persona that we want to express to the world. It is an essential part of drama and without it, film would fall flat.

So come with us as we take a look at 100 years of movie makeup magic! We know you’ll remember and appreciate some of these iconic looks. We know it will inspire and delight you just as movies have for so many generations of fans!


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