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WATCH: 100 Years of Hair Removal

Hair removal throughout the years!

Body hair — we all have it. Some of us like our bodies with hair au naturel. While others despise it. I’ve always found it fascinating that some hair on the body is coveted while other hair on the body is reviled. Why is this?

Each year, men and women spend millions of dollars on products to grow hair on our heads. We purchase shampoos that promise full, lush locks. Men use products like Rogaine religiously to grow thicker hair on their balding heads. Yet, we also spend millions on razors, waxes, sugaring, and other means of exterminating hair, too!

In fact, we even use lasers to permanently remove hair from certain parts of our bodies such as armpits, legs, and arms. I find it odd that hair removal is more for women than for men. After all, men don’t shave their arm pits and legs and wax their upper arms and lip.  If you argue this, some will say we shave our armpits for hygiene reasons. Well, if this is the case, then why aren’t men doing it, too?

It seems that each generation has felt differently about body hair. Some have been okay with it. Others have made certain that all hair was removed unless it was on your head.  So, come with us as we take a look at 100 years of hair removal.  While watching this, you’ll begin to appreciate the modern advances we have today in regards to depilatory. Some of these ancient methods were not exactly comfortable-ouch!  But, men and women have participated in hair removal century after century. It has been seen as a part of basic good grooming for generations. Whether you like your body wild and free or whether you are a minimalist when it comes to hair, you’ll just love watching this!


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