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WATCH: 100 Years of Beauty Icons

Who are the must-know beauty icons from the last century?

What makes a beauty icon? She is a woman with unparalleled style, grace, and the “It” factor. The “It” factor is something that is undefinable, but so memorable that it sets a person apart from all others. These beauty icons throughout the years certainly have “It”!

These are women who set the standard for beauty of their decade. They didn’t follow a beauty trend. Instead, they created them. They were iconoclasts when it came to their look, and they didn’t try to create something different. They naturally stood out from the crowd and created unique beauty by simply being themselves. They existed without trying to be something different. As a result, their uniqueness was heralded during their decade. They set new standards of what a beautiful, memorable woman was during their time period. Because of this, they are eternally remembered for their beauty.

So, let’s take a look at 100 years of beauty icons. You’ll certainly remember many of them even if you didn’t live during their particular decade. Indeed, many of these icons are permanently available to us through the movies they did, or through photos and paintings. They are inspirations to us today even though some are dating back a century!

You’ll be surprised at how many of today’s beauty looks are inspired by these great icons from the past. You’ll see their influence everywhere today even though you might not have even realized where they originally started. As they say, “Everything old is new again,” and when it comes to beauty, icons will always be remembered as they stand as examples of glamour, refinement, style and that “It” quality that all of us desire to possess.


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