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VIVA GLAM Sexiest Top 20 Emily Sears



It is well known that a person’s inner beauty and character will influence the way you see their outer beauty. While some try to pit one against the other, we don’t believe in “inner vs. outer beauty”, but that a woman can have both – and a VIVA GLAM model does have both. We believe that this also applies to being sexy. This year, we picked 20 of our favorites, and here is one of them.




Emily has never been afraid to take a chance or follow her passions. It is truly part of what adds to her beauty. One of these passions is modeling, and her goal was to appear in VIVA GLAM Magazine. Now Emily appears alongside VIVA GLAM Supermodels in the 2016 SEXIEST Issue!



Bodysuit by American Apparel



Emily is also passionate about social justice, and she is not afraid to tackle these issues head on! VIVA GLAM has immense respect for her initiative and admiration for her role in changing the current climate of harassment towards women online.




Bodysuit by American Apparel



You will recognize this Australian beauty most recenlty as one of the Burger Babes in the Carl’s Jr. Hardees commercial with fellow white bikini clad models, Genevieve Morton, and Elena Bella.


photo from TMZ

Photo: TMZ


To keep up with the latest on model Emily Sears, follow her on:

IG @emilysears

(I don’t know if you can handle her IG)!

Twitter @emilysears



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