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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Las Vegas

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Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Laziness – the four of seven sins that make up Sin City.

We visit Las Vegas to experience at least one of those sins, if not all. We gamble in the casinos, buy tickets to Thunder From Down Under with our bridesmaids, and enjoy bottomless cocktails while we lounge by the pool.

Vegas is fabulous. It’s the ultimate weekend getaway. But until recently, it was relatively hard to satisfy those who were vegan, or even just vegetarian. Ads in every hotel display what they believe is luxury dining: seafood buffets, $200 speciality steaks, and desserts adorned with gold. What were we supposed to do if we needed our food to be meat-free, dairy-free, or even gluten-free?

There are now hotels like the Wynn where there are vegan alternatives at every restaurant, but it’s unrealistic to stay on just one property while in Vegas. The fun is in the exploration.

We explored the best of the best of the Las Vegas Strip as well as taking a few detours, because not all of the magic is on The Strip.



Our hotel of choice is The Venetian for its elegant appeal (sweeping arched ceilings, timeless art, and architecture), plentiful vegan and vegetarian options, shopping destinations, and superior entertainment.

From the moment you walk in the lobby, your gaze is drawn to the ceiling to admire the art. The presence of the color gold is breathtaking and unequivocally glamorous. You grab your key from the kind staff at the front desk and are whisked away to your luxury suite. As you walk in, you realize that this suite is bigger than your first apartment and it’s fit for a queen – which happens to be you for a weekend. The bathroom has his-and-her sinks and a vanity, perfect for couples or for large bachelorette weekends. After gathering your excitement, you set all of your things down to enjoy your bed for a quick moment before your first spa appointment, because this spa is not one to pass up.



The Venetian lobby/Entrance to casino



The art at The Venetian



Sculpture in the lobby at The Venetian




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