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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Milwaukee

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When we’re in grade school, we’re taught to share and work together. When we work together, instead of competing, everyone can succeed. This state of mind is not often found in Los Angeles as there is so much competition in EVERY major market: entertainment, restaurants, media, etc. But in cities like Milwaukee, Wisconsin, collaboration is a big part of running a business and is uniquely old-school. If you want tea in your coffee shop, you sell the local brand Rishi Tea. If you want great cheese curds for your restaurant’s pizza, you use curds by Clock Shadow Creamery. If you want a great whiskey to make your stellar whiskey ice cream, you call up Great Lakes Distillery. Everyone works together and utilizes everyone’s best products. This not only makes business relationships stronger but it keeps every part of life in Milwaukee uniquely theirs.

After visiting a dozen of these businesses, it felt like we came full circle. We tried the cheese, the ice cream, the beer, the whiskey, and the tea. We knew the backstory of every business involved and it was fascinating. There was still evidence of corporate America with the occasional Starbucks and a Lay’s chips bag in sight. But for the most part, everything was local and it was the best way to get to the heart of Milwaukee, because we tasted it all.

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