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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Kelowna, British Columbia

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Naked Cafe


This vegan comfort food cafe has you covered morning, noon, and night. Open from 9am to 9pm, they have a strong list of menu options for any time of day, as well as a full coffee menu for those who want dairy alternatives. Plus, this is an operation owned by three sisters: Olivia, Teghan, and Tessa. Go support your fellow ladies!

Highlights: Teriyaki Rice Bowl, Bakon Cheezburger

Bakon Cheezburger

Vegan cupcakes



Everything here is 100% vegan and gluten-free. You can choose from raw or cooked entrees and proclaim your gratitude for life every time you order with titles such as “I am Genuine” and “I am Thankful”.

“I am Sharing” pizza

Soy Asian Fusion


For those looking to eat a light lunch or detox after ingesting lots of incredible wine, this is the place to go. While they serve meat options, they have enough veggie options to attract the hardcore yogis in town and have stylish yellow decor to lift your spirits!

Highlights: Spinach Ohitashi Balls, Teriyaki Tofu, Teriyaki Tofu

Spinach Ohitashi Balls



After a day of shopping or wine and cider tasting downtown, simple walk a block or two to the city center and dine at Curious Cafe. While they serve meat and dairy as well, they aren’t the typical restaurant with one veggie pasta option for vegetarians and vegans. There’s multiple pizzas, salads, appetizers, and desserts for the veggie crowd.

Highlights: Ancient Grains Salad, Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Ancient Grains Salad

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Other places of interest:

It’s hard to find a bad cup of coffee in Kelowna. Our favorite coffee shops were Bean Scene and Pulp Fiction Coffee House. Bean Scene provides a young, rustic coffee experience, while Pulp Fiction provides the cafe atmosphere. Pulp Fiction is also conveniently connected to a used and rare book store, called Robbie’s Rare Books. Make sure you say hi to Robbie upon entering, the store pup who usually “guards” the door.

Pulp Fiction Coffee House


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