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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Edmonton, Alberta

What do you look for in a fun destination? Great food? Unique shopping? World renowned festivals? Outdoor sports? Would you believe me if I said that Edmonton, Alberta has all of that? Three hundred and fifty miles north of the Canadian-U.S. border, Edmonton is Canada’s festival city and is home to a diverse population of over 1 million. With that comes a lot of live entertainment, great shopping, and great food! So if you’re planning a Canadian road trip, don’t even think about skipping Edmonton!

View of Edmonton from the High Level Bridge.

Westmount neighborhood


The Clever Rabbit


This fun cafe will fulfill all of your vegan cravings. For breakfast, snag a plate of their vegan Eggs Benedict. For lunch, grab a walnut chickpea burger or a club sandwich with homemade “meat”. You can also stop in for a quick coffee and pastry, but you’ll never want to take it to-go as you’ll fall in love with the colorful decor.

Fun fact: The owners, Tessa and Ashley, are sisters and also run the animal rescue business next door!

Highlights: Winterspice latte, Eggs Benedict, Club Sandwich.

Vegan Eggs Benedict

Club Sandwich

Walnut Chickpea Burger

Adorable decor at The Clever Rabbit

The Clever Rabbit

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