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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Toronto, Ontario

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Big cities like Toronto can be overwhelming. If you’re the kind of person who likes to control their own environment, looking up to see that you’re an ant compared to the skyscraper up above can be suffocating. What others consider a bustling city full of energy can feel like a moving organism constricting you. The key to finding your balance in a city like Toronto is to find the beauty and the flow in that energy…and to take a few breaths during rush hour.

Toronto is an animated city that has a lot to offer to many different kinds of travelers; foodies, adventurers, history lovers, beer aficionados, film geeks, and sports fans all gather in Toronto throughout the year for many events, both for business and pleasure. Old Toronto’s charm is one of the biggest grabs for many travelers with its charming streetcars, St. Lawrence Market, and old churches. The fact that the newer parts of the city were simply built around those buildings is what makes Toronto so erratically curated. One minute you’re in front of a 200-year-old church and one minute you’re in front of a brand new sweeping skyscraper.

St. James Church

Many travelers and locals consider Toronto the New York of Canada, simply for its similar East Coast big city atmosphere. While both cities are film hubs, have a diverse population, and have a modern restaurant scene, the fact that Toronto is so much bigger than New York City lends it to be a vastly different city to us. That leaves so many more interesting streets for travelers like you to explore during your visit.

Street art in Toronto




Do you often wish that every vegan menu was more than just a bowl, a salad, and a vegan pizza? Their menu has dozens of options — tacos, salads, sandwiches, brunch, bowls, wraps, and desserts — and it’s 100% vegan, minus the option to add cheese to a few dishes. On top of their incredibly flavorful sauces, dips, and dressings, everything is always prepared to perfection and never leaves you feeling rundown. This is what nutrition tastes like..many minus the poutine. If every city had a Fresh, it would be better off.

Highlights: Squash Tacos, Green Poutine, Energy Bowl.

Tangled Thai Salad at Fresh

Green Poutine at Fresh

Squash Tacos at Fresh

The Goods


If you find yourself shopping on Dundas, Ossington, or Queen St. West, The Goods is another great vegan meal option, especially if you need it to go. Enjoy some of the best salads, soups, and smoothies in all of Toronto. Their Dream of Mushroom Soup is just as heavenly as it sounds. Go

Highlights: Dream of Mushroom Soup, Nori Bowl, Green Gold Salad, Gateway Smoothie.

Dream of Mushroom Soup at The Goods

Gateway Smoothie at The Goods


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