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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Hamilton, Ontario

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Toronto’s not the only fun city in Ontario.

Wherever there’s a great city, there’s always a fun suburb. Or in this case, a smaller city giving Toronto a run for its money. While Hamilton has its roots in blue collar work and still has many living there for the medical profession, many Torontonians are moving to Hamilton for the sake of housing cost, making it a thriving young area in Ontario.

In Hamilton, you can find many music venues, as well as up-and-coming vegan restaurants and budding shopping districts. With Toronto an hour northeast and Niagara Falls one hour southeast, Hamilton is a perfect addition to your Ontario itinerary.

Hamilton, Ontario


Earth to Table: Bread Bar


When a place makes mouthwatering, handcrafted bread, that’s a great place to start. They source locally, prepare seasonal dishes, and truly care about making a good and innovative product. Whatever you order, you’ll remember it for a LONG time.

Highlights: Mexican Street Corn Pizza, Loaded Fries (changes daily), Quinoa Veggie Burger.

Mexican Street Corn Pizza

Quinoa Veggie Burger

Brownie with ice cream


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