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Vegetarian Chicken Salad

Recently, I was introduced to a chicken-less chicken salad that tasted so much like the real thing I was convinced it was chicken!

This chicken-less salad is perfect on a piece of whole wheat toast, scooped up with seed crackers or eaten on a bagel with a side of tomato soup.  MMMM, so healthy and delicious.! And also, it is filling and satisfying. Here is my simple recipe for Chicken-less chicken salad:


4 slices of Gardein chicken cutlets or other chicken substitute vegetarian meat option

vegannaise to taste

chopped celery to taste

finely chopped white onion to taste

sea salt


chopped fresh dill


Chop up the chicken substitute cutlets.  Place in bowl and add the vegannaise, chopped celery, chopped onion, dill, salt and pepper.  Mix. Refrigerate and serve on crackers or toast.





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