Vegan Fashion, The New Unstoppable Trend

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PETA hosts “How to Make It in Vegan Fashion”

Did you know that one of the biggest trends last year was going vegan? That’s right, adopting a plant-based lifestyle is currently on the rise. And in addition to a plant-based diet, people are finding creative alternatives to fur, leather, and other animal-derived materials!


On January 17, PETA hosted “How to Make It in Vegan Fashion”. This panel and a runway show,  held at the Empathy Center in Los Angeles, CA.  The event showcased animal-free fashion and fabrics with a discussion and show. Actress Daniella Monet moderated the discussion that included Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of VAUTE, Morgan Bogle of Freedom of Animals, Meg and Komie Vora of Delikate Rayne, Bianca Moran of SUSI Studio, and Stephanie Nicora of NICORA. They discussed why vegan fashion is an unstoppable trend and how designers are finding ways to incorporate vegan textiles into their designs.


Vegan Fashion Peta Show discussion panel copyright Peta

copyright Peta


It excites me to see vegan fashion evolving into the luxury arena. As of now, vegan fashion seems to be a hit mainly when it comes to street fashion. I’m certain however, that true vegan luxury is on its way.


Vegan Fashion Peta Show runway models copyright Peta

copyright Peta


I’m thrilled about vegan textiles such as vegan leather that is made of cork, jute, and waxed cotton canvas.  There are now wool-free knit options that are made of sustainable materials like bamboo, corn, olefin, and soy silk. And even traditional silk has been replaced by bamboo, banana silk, hemp, jute, and other natural, non-animals materials.


Peta thought of everything; serving wonderful vegan food for everyone, and the fabulous event even ended with a raffle – I ended up winning a pair of SUSI shoes!!!





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