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Vegan Buddha Bowls and Why We Are Obsessed








If you’re looking for something vegan, incredibly tasty, and that packs a punch in nutrition, look no further than the Vegan Buddha Bowl, which we are kind of obsessed with. What is the Vegan Buddha Bowl? It’s basically an “everything goes” bowl of ingredients, so full of ingredients that it makes a round dish (like a heaping round Buddha belly), made from various dark leafy greens, raw or roasted veggies, beans, and quinoa, sometimes including extras like nuts, seeds, and dressing for added texture or flavor. There is no end to the creations you can make when designing your own vegan buddha bowl.


Why We’re Obsessed

Where to start? We’re obsessed with the flavor; the nutritional aspect; the convenience and ease of whipping it up on a whim; the fact that it’s responsible from an environmental and economical standpoint; and the sheer number of options and varieties available depending on the ingredients you use.


Some of Our Favorites…

Vegan Buddha Bowl w/ Curry Chickpeas

This bowl recipe comes from Sarah of Well and Full, where she makes the journey to health and wellness

a very delicious one! What better way to share our obsession with you than to pass along our favorite recipe? This easy, delicious vegan buddha bowl wins as our favorite. It is made with an avocado vinaigrette, curried chickpeas, and sorghum.


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Roasted Rainbow Winter Buddha Bowl

Winter shm-inter, am I right?! I know that here in So Cal we can find a lot of these ingredients close to year-round. I’m certainly not only going to eat this comfort food bowl during one season! Sometimes I want some comfort in the Spring and Summer too!

This bowl has all of my favorites; roasted mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, roasted delicata squash, white beans, wild rice, avocado, pickled red cabbage, and a lemon tahini sauce.

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Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl

Dana, The Minimalist Baker, brings us one of our favorites with this “full house” of flavor, savory and sweet and subtly spiced. Delicious, filling, and healthy, win – win – win!


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Find the full recipe HERE on



Masala Chickpea Buddha Bowl

With chickpeas in a delicious masala sauce and garlic sautéed spinach and quinoa, this bowl is quick, healthy and packed with protein.



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Curry Spice Vegetable and Grain Bowl Recipe

This bowl has whole grains, protein, nutrient-dense vegetables and healthy fats; it is a bowl is designed for energy! This is also a fantastic option for meal-planning, make everything in advance



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Avocado Quinoa Harvest Buddha Bowl

This avocado quinoa harvest bowl will quickly become your new favorite fall recipe. With tahini, avocado, pepitas, arugula, quinoa and brussels sprouts it will satisfy all your savory fall cravings. Pure bliss 



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