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Vegan Before 6 Can Help You Change Your Whole Lifestyle

What is Vegan Before 6 and how can it change your life?

For many of us, we would ideally like to become vegan. We believe this would be a better option for a variety of reasons including our health, animals, and the environment. But if you grew up eating meat as a staple part of your diet, this might be difficult at first. How about a diet where you could eat just like a vegan until dinnertime?

New York Times food writer, Mark Bittman, tried this and wrote a compelling book about it, “VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health … for Good”. In this book, Bittman discusses how he made the transition into veganism and how just about anyone else can do the same thing.

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It all began when Bittman’s doctor recommended a vegan diet for his cholesterol and blood pressure. Initially, he thought becoming a vegan would be impossible. So, he believed that by eating a more plant-based diet he could at least start on the right path. He said that initially he didn’t even want to become a vegan. So, he created a rule for himself to eat vegan until dinnertime, 6pm.

He and a friend who also said she would do it with him began to call this new way of eating “VB6”. And they were very much surprised when it actually started to work! They ate fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds during the day. They opted out of eating white bread, white rice, animal products, or junk food.

After a few weeks, he had lost 15 pounds! Encouraged, he kept doing the VB6 plan. After another month, he had lost 30 pounds!

Bittman also stresses that cheating is okay. Overall, if you ascribe to this diet, you will lose weight and it will work. He does on occasion have half and half in his coffee in the morning or eat certain foods with his parents.

So, what do YOU think? Are you going to try the Vegan Before 6 Diet?



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