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Vegan Alternatives to Leather Gloves in the Winter

You strive hard to be animal conscious and environmentally friendly in every aspect of your life, fashion should be no different. Fashion, as an industry, can feel unforgiving in terms of vegan options, especially in the cooler months. After all, those leather jackets sell quickly and easily for a reason: they’re stylish and incredibly effective in keeping you warm.

Does that make that use of leather right in our eyes? No, and for that reason, we’d love to assist you in finding those perfect leather and animal product alternatives for the cooler months. Specifically, we’d like share several vegan alternatives to leather gloves in the winter.


Echo Touch “Cashmere Feel” Drawstring Glove

For those cool fall days where you need a cold air barrier protecting those digits, consider the Echo Touch Cashmere Feel Drawstring Glove. The drawstring is perfect for keeping out that air that likes to sneak its way in, and the cashmere “feel” is the perfect tactical and aesthetic touch. They’re casual if you’d like, dressy if you’d like, versatile to say the least.

vegan leather gloves echo touch cashmere feel drawstring


Vegetarian Shoes Vegan Gloves

You’ll do a double take with these gloves thinking, “They must be leather”, but we can assure you… they’re not. These unisex vegan gloves are made by synthetic leather, and come with a soft interior lining to keep those hands delicately warmed and protected. At just $49, these faux leather beauties are priced fairly and competitively compared to the real thing.


vegan leather gloves vegetarian shoes



Dakine Bronco Glove

Keep those hands toasty warm in the snow with these trendy, sporty technical gloves – perfect for those times you’ll ski down the mountain. These GORE-TEX gloves are waterproof and breathable, insulated with a soft synthetic, have cuff closures via an adjustable hook and loop, a nose wipe thumb panel, and are touch screen compatible so you can answer that phone call at the bottom of the slopes. What more could you want in a glove?


vegan leather gloves Dakine



REI Tahoma Gloves

For those treks through snowy mountain tops, consider the REI Tahoma Glove: great for keeping your hands insulated and warm in crisp snowy weather, as long as you’re not making a ton of direct contact with the snow (like you might on a snowboard or ski slope). These gloves boast a breathable nylon shell, have a lightweight polyester fiber insulation, and synthetic leather palms to assist with gripping. In other words – if adventuring outdoors is your thing… these are your gloves.


vegan leather gloves REI outdoor research


You don’t have to sacrifice your morals and values simply to accommodate a need to stay warm while maintaining a sense of fashion. Ditch the leather gloves, go for one of the above options, and feel great about the choice you’ve made to stay warm, stay trendy, and save the animals.



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