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Unisex Fragrances Set to be First Non-Gendered Beauty Product

Gender equality has been a plight for decades and decades. In the 2010s, we’ve really seen it come to the forefront, and we’ve watched the many ways it’s been enforced. Sometimes we separate the world we live in from more frivolous things such as beauty, but if you pay close enough attention you’ll notice the links between the two.
A prime example of this would be the rise in unisex fragrances across the beauty world. Gender conformity has been a huge issue and the beauty world has done its fair share in attempts to tackle it. Makeup is no longer a feminized phenomenon, and more and more men embrace their love for beauty. Why not blur a few more lines and tackle fragrance?


Is This a New Thing?

Unisex fragrances have actually been around for decades, starting off with children’s fragrances to the more common celebrity fragrance releases. Celebrities attempt to reach all of their fans by releasing unisex fragrances, but more recently the trend has been growing.

Why Is It More Popular Now?

In a time where the societal constraints of genders are coming to be more and more of a noticeable issue, this couldn’t be more necessary. The more and more non-gendered things that surround us, the more likely we are to beat these constraints head on.
Non-gendered fragrances offer a new concept in the beauty world; that all genders can enjoy it! No longer do you have to stay away from that gorgeous cologne until you have a significant other to buy it for. Now, you too can smell as delicious as the opposite sex! Unisex fragrances have managed to find a balance between commonly feminine and masculine scents. A blend of the two brings forward revolutionary scents that can comfortably be worn by either sex. Gender no longer has to be brought into the mix!

Why Go Unisex?

The split between gender fragrances has always been problematic. Who are we to be told what scent we should have depending on our gender? Granted, there are more feminine and more masculine scents on the market but the lines shouldn’t be so blunt. Unisex fragrances offer a new multitude of combinations where a beautiful scent doesn’t really conform to a gender.
There is such a wide range. From sweeter to spicier scents, the opportunities are endless and can easily be worn no matter which gender you consider yourself! The lines are getting blurrier, as they should be. Unisex may be a small win but it’s a win regardless!
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