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Ugly Shoes Are a Hit on the Runway: Should You Try This Trend?

Are you going to jump on the ugly shoe bandwagon this season?

We all remember when Crocs were trending big a few seasons ago. Sure, they were comfortable and light, but they made you look as though you were wearing your mom’s clogs from Woodstock. Birkenstocks were fashionable a decade ago and are still trending on the college circuit today. For years, Uggs have remained a winter staple for many, especially among the surfer crowd. But this season, ugly shoes seemed to dominate the runway leaving many to ask the question, “Why?”

Some shoes that came marching down the runway this season looked like Las Vegas stripper shoes


…or those that should be featured in 1970’s porn. While others looked like Japanime gone awry.


In fact, top designers such as Anna Sui, MSGM, and Markus Lupfer all sent odd-looking shoes clomping down the catwalk this year.

So popular was the ugly shoe that it seems as though they have somehow become chic! Many are too chunky and almost looking like your grandma’s SAS orthopedic shoes that she wore with polyester pants and pantyhose. And instead of sleek heels, models are trodding down the runway in rubber clogs!

Sexiness has somehow been replaced by fugly. And what was once considered a symbol of beauty is now strangely looking like Willie Wonka.


Does this trend work? Well, somehow it works on the runway. But how do these looks translate to real life? Who really wants to walk down 5th Avenue in this?


And these shoes by Gucci, who killed the Tribble?


Are you dancing in the Aladdin parade at Disneyland?




Perhaps fashion on the runway is not intended for real life. Rather, it is meant to inspire fantasy. Well, it must be fantasy if they think this shoe is in any way attractive.


This will not inspire men to fall at your feet and worship you. Instead, men will ask you to water the plants outside while you happen to be out there gardening.

What is this? An Ugg Genie Bordello Boot?


And I know this is not technically on the runway, but I just HAD to throw this one in for posterity’s sake.


Long live the ugly shoe! (Until next season…)



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