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Trump for President…Ivanka Trump That Is

With the upcoming elections upon us, you might be debating between which political candidate to choose. Donald Trump is a controversial figure because of his past comments regarding minorities and women, as well as many other topics. However, whether you are for or against Donald, Ivanka Trump impressed both Democrats and Republicans as she introduced her father at the Republican National Convention.

Many were surprised at how well-spoken Ivanka Trump was last week; indeed, she is not just another pretty face. A former model, she went to Georgetown University and later transferred to the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Economics. Currently, she is in charge of real estate and hotel management initiatives for the Trump Organization. And she also serves on the board of 100 Women in Hedge Funds. Not bad for a young woman who is also a married mother of three young children!

Ivanka Trump delivered a savvy speech emphasizing the importance of equal wages for women and mothers, improved childcare, and paid family leave. She is also an advocate of women in finance and business. After all, she created her own line of clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoes!  

In a VIVA GLAM world, Ivanka Trump would be President. After all, she holds many of the characteristics of an ideal VIVA GLAM woman: she is elegant, beautiful and glamorous, but she is also intelligent, accomplished in her own right, confident, and humble.

Ivanka Trump proves that you can have it all. As a young woman born into privilege, she could have led a life of relative luxury and ease. But rather than becoming another heiress on a reality show, she chose to become a strong businesswoman. She is using her fame as a platform to speak on behalf of larger social and political issues. Because of this, Ivanka would be our candidate for the presidency!




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