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Tripscope: The Travel Agent in Your Pocket

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We know you’re all thinking about your New Year’s resolutions right about now. You’re attempting to commit to a new fitness regimen, a new fashion sense, or to cut down on social media. One of our resolutions is to eliminate stressors from
our lives, and with apps like TripScope, that just might be possible.

Travel is one of the most life-changing and educational things you can do with your life and one of the most worthwhile things you can do with your extra money and vacation time. But planning a complicated itinerary is not for beginners. Flights get delayed, cars forget to pick you up, and then what? It’s time we start using travel agents again.

With this app, TripScope matches you with a professional travel agent that specializes in their chosen destination or type of trip. The agent plans and sends over a customized itinerary accessible via the app, or even offline, which can be modified and updated accordingly. If anything were to happen during your trip, your agent is right there with you to help get you out of trouble.

We talked to the Founder & CEO of TripScope so you can find out everything you need to know before your next trip!


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