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Fashion Trends We Hope Never Come Back

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…And We Mean Ever!

We all have those moments where we’re flipping through old photo albums and we get to a point where we just have to stop and wonder out loud, “What were we thinking?” It’s true, there are some trends that even those who are up on fashion – or perhaps, especially those who are up on fashion – do come to regret. Not all trends leave a bad taste in your mouth years down the road, but there are some noteworthy ones that we can very confidently say…


By Definition, Trends Come and Go, and We Are GLAD to See These Gone!

One: Corsets

These days, we have shape wear (think: Spanx) to keep things… in check… for that perfect evening dress. Back in the 16th century? Trendy women wore corsets 24/7 that were actually tight enough to alter the waist shape permanently, and, if that wasn’t bad enough, damage internal organs. Be that as it may, corsets were absolutely the trendy thing to wear, as a freakishly itty bitty waist was a must have for any woman if she wanted to turn heads. Thankfully nowadays, not only are our corsets far less waist sinching, but  women of all shapes and sizes can look and feel attractive without this horrific trend.


le corset via wikimedia commons


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