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Travel Necessities for 2017

We’re all about setting you up for success as it pertains to travel. We’ll tell you where to go and fill you in on the hot spot destinations for the year, we’ll tell you what to do when you get there, and we’ll even help you pack. We’ll do it all so that you can simply go and enjoy your time with minimal hassle or waste. One way we can help? We can help by filling you in on our favorite travel necessities for 2017.


Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Possibly pricey, but unquestionably worth it; these are a must have for travel! These headphones are not only a dream but a darn lifesaver! Chilling surrounded by your favorite tunes is a really great way to make the travel part of your traveling more enjoyable. And with screaming littles or babies on board, well it will save your sanity. Even if you haven’t enough battery left on your device to play music or movies, you can still turn these headphones on and drown out the rest of the passengers.


Cougar Quilted

You likely won’t get by on a plane without a carry-on bag, right? Don’t settle for an ugly, overly bulky (or overly small) bag. Rather, consider the beautiful Cougar Quilted by Gunas New York. This incredibly trendy backpack is well sized for carry-on and a day out in the city. With several zipper compartments, it’s perfect to hold your camera, your phone, iPad, wallet, a water bottle, and many other essentials. It’s 100% vegan, and comes in three gorgeous colors!


Hollywood Hoodie

Doesn’t matter your destination, you’re likely to get cold at some point. Consider flying down to the tropics: sure, the destination may not require layers, but the airports, the airplanes, the hotel? There’s a good chance you’ll be sitting in some frigid air at some point, and in those moments, a hoodie is perfect. Not just any hoodie, though, the Hollywood Hoodie is perfect for those who enjoy repping a sporty look. Made from brushed tricot, this sublimated pullover is incredibly stylish and comes equipped with a kangaroo pocket for added warmth and comfort.


Diamond Skin Care Kit

Any woman who travels with bathroom essentials knows how big of a pain that can be, particularly, with skincare and all it entails. The Diamond Skin Care Kit is your perfect product that’s a one-stop shop for skincare and travel. What exactly is it? It’s a doctor-formulated kit that includes every product you need to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, prevent and protect your skin. Not only is it great for all skin types, it travels well too, so you feel free to leave the rest of those bulky skin care bottles at home.


Butterelixir Lip Balm

Higher elevations, different climates, varying weather… all things that contribute to cracked and chapped lips. That’s why, when you travel, a quality lip balm is absolutely essential. Butterelixer’s lip balm is just that – a high quality, warming lip balm that’s inspired by traditional Indian Chai tea and infused with cardamom and vanilla. It smells amazing, moisturizes, softens, and hydrates lips to protect them no matter where you are.


Doesn’t matter where you’re going, you simply don’t want to leave home without these essential travel items!




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