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Top Purse Styles for Travel

There has existed a conundrum that has complicated the world of travel for women everywhere: how to travel in style. Everyone knows that practicality is a vital part of selecting a handbag for the day to day of your travel. You don’t want to be caught dead lugging around a bag that is too big and heavy or an
eyesore. Your best bet is to find a stylish purse that works well for travel and is easy on the eyes. Yes, they do exist! Here are our top purse styles for travel…


Crossbody Bag

When you’re traveling just a hop, skip and a jump away (think .¨ that day trip for work), a sleek and stylish purse with ample room inside for those daily vitals (wallet, chapstick, lip gloss, etcetera) will work wonderfully. The Crossbody Bag by Imoshion is the perfect option .¨ it’s a supple black purse with a V patch and a side tassel .¨ stylish and practical for everyday use, exactly what you need.


Purse Styles imoshion crossbody bag



The Backpack

Sometimes you need a little bit more out of a travel purse. For example, on a weekend away to see your best friend in another city. The Cougar Quilted Backpack by Gunas New York is the perfect size for a carry on, and is incredibly stylish. It’s adorably quilted and comes in three colors: black, peach, and off-white. Perfect for your water bottle, snacks, iPad, and other travel essentials. Wear it as a backpack, or carry it as a bucket bag or a tote bag. Options are endless with this one!


Purse Styles gunas New York cougar pink quilted backpack



The Fanny Pack/ Belt Bag

You might have distinct memories of your parents carting around their canvas fanny pack when you were a child, so you can rest assured that the practicality aspect of the fanny pack is not even a little bit new. There’s a reason they’ve been around for ages, and it’s because there’s not a more convenient, comfortable way to travel with your essential belongings. It’s true: for a few years, the fanny pack was out. Not stylish, not wanted. Now? In our day in age that’s all about convenience and comfort, it’s back. The fanny pack is in because of its practicality, and it helps that they’re finally creating them to look fashionable as well. The Bueno ‘Classic’ Vegan Leather Fanny/Waist Pack is perfect for that day touring a European city, or hiking that mountain trail. It comes in four colors (black, blue, lime green and orange), and has zipper compartments that make it useful.

Purse Styles fanny pack belt bag



Gone are the days of carrying purses that aren’t stylish when you travel. Look into any of these options and you’ll love how you look when you hit the road!



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