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The Top 10 Medicinal Herbs and What They Treat

Back then, medicinal herbs were met with skepticism. They were deemed as ineffective, especially in most Western countries. In Asian and African countries though, medicinal herbs have been used for centuries now. 80% of the population in these regions depend on herbal medicine for primary health care.


The good thing is that even European countries have caught up. In Germany for instance, 700 plant-based medicines have been approved and prescribed by 70% of the physicians in the country. Although some forms of legislation were introduced to prevent the use of herbal medicines in Europe, these medicines are still getting more popular.


There is really no wonder why herbal medicines are gaining popularity. They are totally effective. They won’t be the primary source of health care in some countries for several years if they were deemed ineffective or dangerous.


The reason why some people are skeptical is because they have not tried these medicines before. They also don’t have an idea on what they can do to the body. It helps to educate yourself about the positive impact of these herbs and be encouraged to give them a try.


There are a lot of medicinal herbs to choose from and some of them can even be grown in your backyard. The easy access to these herbs makes them even more effective.


The infographic below discusses some of the most popular medicinal herbs and the ailments they can treat. Just give them a try and you will realize that they can help improve your overall health.


Top 10 Medicinal Herbs... And What They Treat


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