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The Rainbow Latte is Way Better Than The Unicorn Frapp!


You’ve got to try this rainbow latte that is so healthy for you and yummy delish!

By now, we’ve all seen Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino that has been trending on social media this month.
Well, now there’s a much healthier version that you can actually make at home!


Owners of The Good Sort, a vegan tea and coffee shop in New York City, created this iced rainbow latte that is chock full of healthy ingredients! Founders Eddy Buckingham and Jeff Lam and the shop’s manager, Kate Ross, made this drink that is sweeping Instagram feeds! What is it made of? It is full of healthy ingredients such as blue algae, turmeric, beetroot and oat milk.
Plus, there are a few pinches of cayenne pepper and ginger for that extra kick!



Here is the recipe for this healthy, balanced drink. Get a jump start your morning!

Iced Rainbow Latte




Blue algae


Cayenne pepper

Black pepper


Blend of oat milk, almond milk, and coconut milk



In separate containers, mix equal parts of the beetroot with the oat milk. Repeat, pairing the turmeric with almond milk, and the blue algae with coconut milk, each in separate containers.

Pour equal parts of the pre-batched colored milks, starting with the red beet mix, then adding half the ice, then the yellow turmeric mix, then the rest of the ice, and top with the blue algae mix into a cup.

Add ginger, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and agave to taste.




And if this sounds yummy to you, The Good Sort also has hot lattes made with blue algae, black sesame, and turmeric! And what about something new to top the rainbow latte? Ross said, “We’ve got a few things in the works. We’re constantly evolving and we always want to come up with seasonal drinks and fun things.”



Turmeric Latte with No Coffee!



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