This is How Richard Branson Follows Through on His New Year’s Resolutions

Virgin Airlines founder, Richard Branson, tells you his secret of sticking to a plan and keeping it!

The New Year is finally upon us. And as we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018, many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions. For some, it means dropping those few extra pounds from the holidays. Others want to improve their bodies with exercise.  Sometimes the resolution is simply allotting more “me” time.

But it might surprise you to know that many of us drop our resolutions within the first month! We just can’t seem to stick it our plans for change in the New Year.

How can we keep the resolutions that we have made to ourselves for 2018?  Well, Virgin Airlines CEO, Richard Branson, has a few tips that have helped him not only stick to his plans, but has also helped him to succeed.

What does he do? He writes all of his plans down. He believes that the simple act of putting pen to paper will make you achieve a plan and put it into action.

He is also into making lists and tracking his overall progress when it comes to executing plans.  And Richard also said it is important to set both long term and short-term goals when achieving something you want to attain. Why is this important? Because you will feel the sense of accomplishment when reaching the smaller goals. This will help you to ultimately achieve the larger goal, too.

Whether you write your goals down for the New Year in a day planner, on a notebook or by any other means, this is an ideal way to both organize and get your goals in order for 2018.

So, this week, why not try Richard Branson’s way of achieving your New Year’s Resolutions for the year. Take a few moments and write everything down.  And you might be surprised at where you will go and what you will achieve in 2018.



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