These Were the Top 10 Beauty Searches of 2017
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These Were the Top 10 Beauty Searches of 2017

Where would we be without Google? The search engine that feels like everyone’s own personal genius best friend. Someone you can turn to whenever in doubt and not fear judgement. For once, no question is too silly. That is until we hear the annual list of the top most searched of the year. When it comes to the top 10 beauty searches of 2017 it’s more a matter of seeing what was trending that year.

Beauty trends come and go, often too fast for you to even pick them up! Ever since Instagram got involved, beauty trends and fads have been almost impossible to keep up with. They come, they blow up like crazy, and the world moves onto the next one before you even realize the first one existed. Well, in the spirit of the new year, we’ve decided to look back on the top 10 beauty searches of 2017. Let’s see what we were all about…

The Top 10 Beauty Searches of 2017

  1. Beautyblender
  2. Mink Lashes
  3. Halloween Makeup
  4. Eyelash Lift
  5. Prom Makeup
  6. Nude Makeup
  7. Lip Plumper
  8. Skeleton Makeup
  9. Feather Eyebrows
  10. Lip Gloss

…And Some Highlights

The Feather Brow

It is definitely shocking to find feather eyebrows so low on the list, surely it must have earned first place? Feather eyebrows were luckily a short-lived beauty fad of 2017. It was all anyone could talk about and all we could search. We just couldn’t quite believe people were actually turning their eyebrows into a feathered shape. Oh, well. Apparently it didn’t concern too many people.

Halloween Makeup

Can we also talk about how Halloween makeup must make it pretty high on the list every year? Out of the 12 months we have every year, none seem to be quite as significant in the beauty world as Halloween. People prepare months in advance. It’s practically a national holiday for beauty influencers who have to start preparing themselves for countless tutorials throughout October. We’re not surprised by this one.

Lip Plumper

While we’re certain lip fillers were on last year’s list, it’s all about the plumpers this year. Safe to say, plump lips are still very much in style. If you ask us, they seem to be getting bigger and bigger! The search for lip plumpers is often a search for an alternative to actually getting fillers. This alternative can come in the form of glosses or even those strange suction devices we’re too scared to try!


2017 produced some crazy beauty trends. Did you take part? We hope you did, even if it was just for fun!



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