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The Utter Awesomeness of Whole Foods

Not that we even need another reason to love the Whole Foods chain, but…

Did you know that Whole Foods just added more features to one of its stores?  This new location opened up by Manhattan’s Bryant Park and from the looks of it, it just might be the prototype for the Whole Foods of the future!


Like many locations, this one has several restaurants.  But unlike others, it also has a “produce butcher”! That’s right, there is an area specifically designated for chopping up fresh veggies such as mushrooms, lettuce and fruit to accommodate each customer’s individual tastes!


And recently other locations have installed mochi bars so customers can choose their own mochi ice cream. ICYMI, mochi is Japanese sweet dough pounded from sticky rice.  It is often wrapped around ice cream to create a cool dessert treat!


DAE want to head to Whole Foods right now for green tea mochi ice cream? We do!


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