10 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Needs

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Most of us know the basics of makeup products such as blush, foundation, lipstick, powder and eye shadow. But how many of us know a lot about the brushes used for makeup application? Did you know that application and tools are just as important as the makeup itself? And that brushes play a large part in getting the most out of your makeup? Brushes are important because they help fit the contours of your face so makeup is not too dark in some areas and too light in others.

What are the top ten makeup brushes that you should have in your makeup bag? And how do you properly use them?


  1. A Foundation Brush

A Foundation Brush has a flat structure with a rounded top. This allows you to apply flawless base evenly. You can build your foundation from thin to heavier coverage with this brush. And because the hairs are densely packed, your foundation will have a streak-free finish.


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