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The Stars Share Snaps of Their Halloween Costumes!

What will your favorite stars be wearing to celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is tomorrow and across the country there will be fun, festivities, and costumes! But some of your favorite celebrities are already celebrating right now! What are the glamorous costumes they are sharing with their fans on social media?

The celebrations have started early this year and according to experts, Halloween spending was at an all-time high in 2017.  Some of this could be attributed to 48% of consumers dressing in costume. And with social media, consumers might be purchasing more than one costume this year. After all, if you are invited to several parties, you might not want to wear the same costume to all of them. According to a recent study, a “witch” costume was number one for women.

But these celebs didn’t choose a witch costume this year. Instead, they are showing unique and unusual costumes with a bit of personal flair for this year’s festivities.

Adele looked simply stunning as a glamorous clown as she kicked off the celebrations early!  She wore a metallic green dress that was embellished by a giant Chinese dragon at the bottom.  Her dramatic makeup included green/silver eyeshadow, over-emphasized eye liner, and ruby matte lipstick.


She wrote under an image the caption, “Happy Early Halloween & Happy Birthday Gorgeous!”  The birthday reference was for her son Angelo Adkins!


And Demi Lovato looked like the splitting image of the late Tejano music star, Selena! In fact, she wore a one-piece jumpsuit similar to the one that Selena was so very famous for!demi_2

Her hair, makeup, and nails looked classic 1995.  Fans of Selena remember this style whenever she took to the stage.  She wore a matte look that included a bright berry lipstick. Her nails were a long, French manicure — common in the 90s — and her hair was full with simple bangs framing her face!


And even Bella Hadid shared a snap of her gorgeous sister, Gigi, in a blue NASA jumpsuit! The caption read, “NASA…she from outer space.” Her hair was swept up in a pony tail that was parted in the middle.  And she looked out of this world!


Happy Halloween Everyone!



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