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The Star Playing Hugh Hefner in the New Brett Ratner Film Will Be…

The star of a new Hugh Hefner film was announced today!

Last week, famed Playboy publisher, Hugh Hefner, passed away marking the end of an era.  Already, a new film was announced today about Hefner that will be directed by Brett Ratner. Who is playing the legendary icon? Jared Leto!

Academy Award winning Leto is known for being a chameleonic actor who has played a transgender man in “Dallas Buyers Club” and the Joker in “Suicide Squad”. Ratner is best known for his work directing “Rush Hour” with Jackie Chan and Tower Heist.

jared leto joker

Right now, this project is in the early development stages with RatPac Entertainment, Ratner’s company.  Earlier this year, Ratner asked Leto to the Playboy Mansion to view “American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story”, a docuseries on Amazon.  While there, they met with Dick Rosenzweig, one of Hef’s executives. Leto didn’t actually get to meet Hefner that night as he wasn’t feeling well so he did not greet his guests.

jared leto brett ratner

The idea of a Hugh Hefner film has been circulating through Hollywood for years. In fact, producer Jerry Weintraub wanted to make this film.  When he passed in 2015, Ratner continued to pursue this idea. He said, “My goal is to do the motion picture as an event.” He further elaborated by adding, “There’s enough footage on Hef out there that Jared will be able to get as much information as he wants.” Leto and Ratner are said to be old friends.

Also in the works are plans for Ratner to revive “Playboy After Dark”, a talk show in the 1960’s that was hosted by Hefner.

We look forward to this collaboration and the new film on American icon, Hugh Hefner!



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