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The Meat Alternative Made of Jackfruit You Need to Try

Vegans and vegetarians are always looking for healthy alternatives to meat products. Luckily, the food industry is responding by making more and more alternatives. But, like most processed food, most of them still don’t provide you a good source of protein or are actually tasty. So we’re constantly looking for the best ones for you to try!

We recently stumbled upon
Upton’s Naturals
Jackfruit. They are 100% vegan/vegetarian, have no GMOs, are completely free of cholesterol, gluten, soy, oil, and artificial flavors. You can often find this product at your local Whole Foods.

To test this product, we made our own version of BBQ “pork” tacos. You can also make sliders or combine them with almost any grain, such as quinoa or rice, or over a salad.

Because the jackfruit was harvested at the right time, the texture of the jackfruit is almost identical to pork. Also, the taste is really powerful unlike a lot of meat alternatives which can be quite bland. If you love a strong BBQ sauce, you will love this. The sauce is full of liquid smoke, onion, vinegar, molasses, and more. Combined with the citrus of the jackfruit, it’s a winner.

For all of your upcoming spring and summer barbecues, you might want to consider this option. It cooks/reheats in minutes and is so flavorful that your entire family will love it.







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