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The Lammily Doll Strikes Again! This Time With Stretch Marks!

A few weeks ago, we featured an article about the Lammily Doll. This new “Barbie” doll features “normal” proportions with the goal of trying to change women’s perceptions of their bodies. This brown-haired doll shows young girls that “no one is perfect and that it is okay”.


In addition to more normal proportions, darker hair and a much fuller frame than the traditional Barbie, the Lammily Doll now has stretch marks on her belly! Certainly it is okay to have stretch marks. And brown hair and a fuller figure. But by creating these dolls are we loosing site of childhood fantasy?


Perhaps we are all not born beautiful. And that is okay too. But, as children, is it not okay to dream through a Barbie?  Didn’t we all dream of someday owning the Barbie Dream Home in Malibu? And yet, how many of us actually do own one in adulthood? Fantasy and play in childhood are instrumental in making us whole as adults. We all know life is not perfect. But why can’t we dream perfection? It will only lead positive goals in the future. What do YOU think? Would you buy the Lammily Doll for your daughter? Or do you think Barbie is the way to go?



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