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The Importance of Solitude

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It’s no secret that most people feel energized and extra special and happy when they are around people. However, I belong to the minority of people who actually prefer being alone. I attribute this to a few things. Of course, growing up as an only child has made me very comfortable with spending time alone. In fact, it’s the norm for me. I also attribute this to my high sensitivity. I become easily overwhelmed with other people’s energy and often get panic attacks around large groups of people. It wasn’t until I heard my martial arts teacher tell us that there was a recent study conducted and that the majority of people would prefer to get an electric shock than to be alone and that completely blew my mind! I think I feel the exact opposite! It’s nothing personal against anyone, I just always feel my best and most relaxed self when I’m alone. Here are a few reasons why solitude is nothing to be afraid of and how it can absolutely rock!


You’re in Complete Control

Often in social situations, there is a ton of compromise involved. Not everyone wants to do the same thing or eat at the same place all the time. When you’re alone you don’t have to feel guilty for being selfish or feel guilty for doing what YOU want to do.  There are very few times in life where you get to be pilot and this, my friends, is absolutely one of those times and certainly take advantage of this opportunity!


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