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The Healthy Food You Eat That’s Not Really Healthy

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What you think is healthy when it comes to food may actually not be!

Everyone wants to eat healthy. And now that a new year is upon us, losing weight and eating a better diet is on the top of everyone’s list, especially, after the holidays!
But did you know that some food that you may automatically assume is healthy, may actually not be that good for you? It might surprise you, but these foods are actually not healthy for you. So, perhaps it is best to avoid them in the New Year.

Cereal and Granola

Did you know that certain cereals, especially granola, can be high in fat and sugar? They can also be high in calories, oils, and sugars. Even though it might have the reputation of being “healthy”, it is best to limit your consumption of granola.
Also, check the labels on other cereals at your grocery store. Many breakfast cereals contain high amounts of refined sugar and carbs so watch out.

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