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“The End of Meat” is Coming Soon!

A new documentary explores the possibility of a meat-free future.

Last month, Netflix released the film “Okja” which was not only successful, many are saying this film will help to turn the next generation vegan. Another film debuting next month, “The End of Meat” explores the option of a meat-free future.

This innovative documentary looks at a reality in which humans can live in a meat-free world. Filmmaker Marc Pierschel takes a look at the impact that producing meat has on our world. As a result, this film helps to provide a new perspective towards meat for many. This new way of looking at meat will help many understand the choices they make regarding how food directly impact humans, animals and our planet.

commercial meat industry

In “The End of Meat,” Pierschel meets “Esther the Wonder Pig” and animals that have been rescued from the meat industry. He also visits the world’s first vegetarian city, Palitana, India and speaks to innovators who are heading the German vegan revolution. Ironically, one might initially think of German food as knackwurst, schnitzel, liverwurst and sauerbraten. However in this film, we learn that Germany is a revolutionary country that is leading the cruelty-free food movement!

And speaking of the vegan food movement, “The End of Meat” also delves into meat-free foods of the future such as “meat” made without meat! These new “meats” are enabling us to have meat without killing animals. Did you know that bacon can be harvested from the ocean rather than from a pig? And soy can be used to make chicken? If we no longer need animals for meat, it raises the question of what role do they actually play in our society?

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Many are viewing this film as a window into the future that involves meat-free living and a plant-based diet.

“The End of Meat” will premiere on August 26th in Berlin. There will also be a “The End of Meat” Conference on August 27th.



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