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  • Pursue Life, Not Happiness

    Hector and the Search for Happiness In the film Hector and the Search for Happiness (September 19, 2014 US release date),...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldAugust 30, 2014
  • The Illusion of Confidence

    Confidence is a Façade Confidence is thought of as being self-assured or assertive, certain or positive. But, these words merely describe...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldJuly 20, 2014
  • Let Go of the Illusion of Perfection – Plug into Love

    We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are. Talmud

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldOctober 27, 2013
  • Accept Yourself as You Are: We are All Perfectly Imperfect

    The Stressful Life of Perfectionism When I turned 12, I discovered boys. The very next moment, I discovered a need for...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldOctober 14, 2012
  • The Power of Forgiving

    Meet Bo L. Arnold, a practitioner of energy healing, a Reiki Master, an animal communicator, a bodybuilder and a safety risk...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldSeptember 8, 2012