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  • Staying Connected in a Disconnected World

    A Little Disconnected During the recent holidays, we had a wonderful opportunity to connect with loved ones near and far, whether...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldJanuary 3, 2015
  • New Year’s Resolution 2015: Simplify the Mind

    Cramped and Cluttered It’s the holiday season and that means one thing for our mind – lots of thinking. We go...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldDecember 26, 2014
  • 5 Tips for a Peaceful, Joyful Holiday Using the Power of Relaxation

    "I realized that my greatest enemy was not the illness, it was stress." -- Anonymous

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldDecember 24, 2014
  • The Value of Mistakes

    There is Nothing Wrong with You Of all the things I said to Eva that night, I didn’t say the most...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldDecember 21, 2014
  • Get Healthy with Hugs

    The Need for Healing “We need four hugs a day for survival, eight hugs a day for maintenance and twelve hugs...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldNovember 22, 2014
  • 5 Ways to Improve Relationships with Loving Communication

    It’s Not What You Think You see things your way and I see them mine. Which one is right? Neither. Which...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldNovember 2, 2014
  • The New Sex Bible for Women

    By Moushumi Ghose, MFT As a society we are constantly battling between old-school stereotypes and beliefs about sex and sexuality versus...

    Sex & RelationshipsvivaglamOctober 17, 2014
  • Make Love, Not War

    We’re Nice in the Beginning Nothing beats the excitement of a new relationship. The longing to be together, the never-ending talks...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldSeptember 28, 2014
  • Boost Your Mood with Vegetables

    Poor Food, Poor Mood Feeling low? Eat your vegetables. That might sound silly or even simplistic, but studies have shown that...

    Food TalkBo L. ArnoldSeptember 20, 2014
  • Let Go of the Illusion of Perfection – Plug into Love

    We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are. Talmud

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldOctober 27, 2013
  • The Power of Forgiving

    Meet Bo L. Arnold, a practitioner of energy healing, a Reiki Master, an animal communicator, a bodybuilder and a safety risk...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldSeptember 8, 2012