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All posts tagged "90’s supermodels"

  • How to Style a Slip Dress

    Recently, many fashion designers have been looking back at the 90s with nostalgia. Makeup, combat boots, and now slip dresses are...

    FashionNatalie ZunkerJuly 14, 2016
  • Jesse Golden – I Love the 90s!

    1990’s fashion was known to be super glamorous and ultra feminine. When I think of 90’s fashion, I remember super models...

    FashionHolley WolfeMarch 6, 2015
  • Does Barbie Really Make Us Dysfunctional?

    Does Lammily doll try to convince us we need to be average? Barbie, a beautiful doll to millions of girls across...

    BeautyvivaglamFebruary 9, 2015

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