Swimsuit Styles that are Worth the Investment 
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Swimsuit Styles that are Worth the Investment 

Spring is coming and that means swimsuit weather! If you’re thinking about breaking yours out, then you’re probably also wondering if you shouldn’t try for a different style this year. Well, there are actually a few we want to talk about that might just make their way to your closet. Remember, if you’re hitting the beach this summer, then you might as well look good while you’re doing it!


Tasseled Swimsuits

There’s nothing wrong with a little extra ornamentation on your swimsuit in 2017, and tasseled swimsuits really are the way to go. These are great for parties, day, or night, and you can definitely go for something a little bit non-traditional, like an of the shoulder bathing suit. Bikinis are also in style, and so are halters – basically, anything with a tassel is going to be your best friend this year.



Laced Siding

Straps have done a great job of showing their prominence so far this year! They show just enough to make the imagination run wild, and they come in so many different styles! Laced siding is now a staple in spaghetti straps, push-ups, and even the plunging necklines. If you have a body and want to show it off in 2017, laced siding is the route you want to take.



Wrap-Around Breasts

If you have a good reason to showcase your breasts (if you have breasts, then you do), these bathing suits are definitely the direction you want to go. They come in many different styles, from halters to spaghetti straps, and they do a great job of holding things in place.



Low Cut Singles

The deep v-line has always been popular and it’s not going anywhere, which shouldn’t surprise anyone! This cut has made its appearance on a ton of different swimsuit styles from the more modest ones (as modest as you can get with a deep v), all the way to the more risqué pieces that make a total statement. You have a great body, and you’re a complete goddess – let people know it!


camilla_plunge_one_piece swimsuit styles

Bikinis on Strings

You’ve seen this one before; it’s a complete classic, and some it goes well with tassels. This bikini can appear in many different colors, from leopard print to bright yellow, and even the nudes. There’s never been a better way to showcase your body and your personality.



Simple colors are all the rage, as you already know, but sometimes you want something a little bit more exciting – this is where the prints come in. There are SO many different styles to choose from amongst the spring/summer 2017 trends. Imagine making your grand entrance onto the beach this year in tie-dye, chevrons, or even geometric shapes. The choices are endless, as are the colors that accompany them.



Make your grand appearance this year with one of these styles – it goes so far beyond the typical one piece, and you can bet that people are going to notice you.



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